A fiery Scottish disciplinarian, genuine fetishist and an enthusiastic pervert…

Sadist by The Sea: Madam Brodie is a fiery Scottish disciplinarian, genuine fetishist and an enthusiastic pervert, offering sessions to select submissives, masochists and kinksters.


This Domina is an educated, sadistic and wickedly playful Mistress who relishes Traditional Correction, Corporal Punishment, Fetishism, Foot and Boot Worship, Trampling and Tickle Torture. She excels at role-play: be that genderfuckery, puppy/pet training, governess, headteacher, medical examination or alien abduction!


Leave your inhibitions at the door, Madam is delighted by screams of pleasure or pain and has no compunction about setting your nerve endings zinging, whether by impact, electrics, needle-play, tickling or whatever else her devious imagination provides. Should you need restraining, Madam Brodie is skilled with all manner of bondage and mummification, with predicament bondage and Rope Bondage (Shibari / Kinbaku) being top of her list. Those who arrive willing and suitably cleansed may submit to anal training, from the smallest of insertables to Madam’s entire fist, as time, anatomy and preference allow.


With 20 years professional experience in the BDSM and fetish industries as an international performer, creative and practitioner, Madam Brodie settled on the South Coast and has been conducting Pro-Domme sessions from The Brighton Dungeon for the past four years.


Whether you are looking for: a sensual escape from your daily grind; an experienced Mistress to lead you through a introduction to BDSM; instruction on certain aspects or equipment during your stay at the Brighton Dungeon and Boudoir; a BDSM couples coaching session; a Domina to complete your fantasy BDSM threesome; a double Domme session together with one of Madam’s Mistress friends; or if you are an experienced player with specific interests and tastes; all respectful enquiries are welcome, regardless of gender or ability.


There are things that Madam Brodie will draw the line at, her hard limits are: no aggressive / threatening behaviour, no wrestling, no sex, no intimate body worship, no non-consensual / non-negotiated activities, no scat, no animals, no illegal activities. All activities are at Madam Brodie’s discretion. For more information see