Dungeon Rental – Daytime sessions

Dungeon Rental Brighton. The Dungeon Play Room is a wonderfully versatile, fully equipped, play space. You can unleash your inner Dominatrix, Master, or slave!
So slip into your shiniest latex and softest leather. You are about to step into the ultimate fantasy dungeon and make your deepest, most deliciously dark dreams come true.

Mind-blowing selection of toys

From the mind-blowing selection of toys to the expertly constructed benches, cross, structures and straps, every attention to detail has been made. There are even medieval style cells and particularly naughty people have spent the whole night in them. However, be warned, there is little hope of wriggling free, so remember to bring your safe word!

Doctors and nurses

Take playing doctors and nurses to a whole new level, with our unique, state-of-the-art medical room. This hi-tech room has been specially designed to bring your medical fantasies to life, with its sterile, gleaming tiles, rows of antique metal cabinets and a centrepiece of a foreboding, fully adjustable, authentic, treatment chair.

Whether you want to play sexy nurse games or pretend you have been captured by a crazy scientist who is about to perform experiments on you, this room has all the tricks and teases you could ever need. So, get ready to scrub up, dress up and explore all this room has to offer.

Naughty boy or girl

If you are a very naughty boy or girl and deserve some solitary time in ‘the cooler’, then enter through the steel barred gate into our deep, dark, medieval-style cells. Here you can be shackled and locked away, to think long and hard about what you’ve done…

Once an old coal cellar, The Naughty Cell retains its cold stone floor and raw brick walls but has been expertly outfitted to marry the medieval atmosphere with modern play space. The cells feature all the equipment you might need to play interrogation games and are gloomy enough to bring an errant slave back into line should they spend a night in there.

Dungeon rental is available Monday to Friday.

Cancellations: Sorry we do not offer refunds on session bookings. We can change the date of your booking up to 7 days before your session commences.

Availability: Session bookings can only be booked up to 14 days in advance.