A wonderfully unique mix of beauty, elegance, intelligence and

Queen Morningstar – a wonderfully unique mix of beauty, elegance, intelligence and spiritualty. Stunningly beautiful international model with equal enchanting intelligence. Educated to degree level in medicine, law and hypnotherapy; all skills are crafted and transferred to domination. Morningstar specialises in mind-play and psychology more specifically erotic hypnotherapy and fear play. Morningstar charms and captures submissives’ worldwide with her love of technology and the use of online domination ranging from consuming suffocating control, remote slave training to erotic blackmail. Queen Morningstar is a self-proclaimed perfect huntress. She has homed her skills of technology, tracing and hunting and gets a real rush from the chase of intelligent domination and fantasy blackmail. Queen Morningstar understands that fantasy blackmail is a very misunderstood area of domination yet its an area that she embraces and is attempting to change the negative stereotype surrounding the fetish. Morningstar believes that blackmail is the ultimate form of cleansing through confession. A submissive who struggles with exploring their desires can and will benefit from erotic blackmail as they’re coerced into full power exchange and plummeted into a position of exhilarating control.


Queen Morningstar started her journey into domination under the fine hand of the late Mistress Dometria. Having started a journey with the guidance of an infamously powerful woman such as Dometria, Morningstar has developed a lust for all things corporal punishment and prides herself on an ability to mark the skin of submissives in an elegant yet brutal manner. Of course, with her medical training, she does so in the highest of professionalisms. Morningstar has a sinister mind and wicked sense of humour paired with a sadistic character which makes capable of bringing your masochistic fantasies to life in a devious, creative & safe manner.


Whilst Morningstar is a devious skilled fear player, this is just one side of the coin. On the other, she is a deeply spiritual, caring a nurturing soul. Morningstar regards herself as an old soul, one who is capable of understanding & emphasizing with the most complex of minds and uses her gifts of spirituality to help and guild submissives. Her nurturing aura can be seen within her hypnotherapy work, whereby she is capable of providing therapy and helping submissives with their troubles and resistances that a typical therapist may not have insight or knowledge of. Her skills of hypnotherapy can be used for analysis or changing behaviour patterns.


Being a published model, Morningstar is the ultimate Girley girl. She loves makeup and dressing up. She also adores boys who dress as girls especially those who do so with sassiness. Morningstar has a deep understanding of cross dressing and sissification. She regards herself as a sissy fairy godmother as she provides makeup crafted towards trans wo/men. She is capable of drawing the persona one desires from sissification with makeup, encouragement and sissy training.